Community. Culture. Commerce. A modern third place.

Vision TL;DR

A new type of community space, fitting the needs of the modern lifestyle (remote & gig work, increased loneliness, niche interests, health & wellness-aware consumers...)
A public place for people to play, work, and connect
Filling the gap between a library (government owned) and a mall (strictly commercial)
Every Hub is an architecture statement, reflecting its environment, designed by regional architects and with community involvement.
Environment: Natural light. Safe. Vibrant. Creative. Including: Work space. Builder space. Cafes. Healthy food stalls. Books. Events.
PPP (public-private partnership) or PPCP (public-private-community partnership) model
A layer of community buy-in through co-design, voting, recognition of contribution, privileged access or loyalty programs.
The space may be utilized during the night - Providing affordable housing units for artist & startup residents, or people who help operate the venue
What success looks like: Google Maps adds “Hub” as a venue category among Cafe, Restaurant, Library, and Mall.


Vacated downtown malls and storefronts
Lack of foot traffic and commerce
Drop in downtown real estate value
Remote work isolation
Lack of public spaces
Low chance for serendipitous encounters


There's a growing demand of city dwellers, as well as visitors, to:
Work remotely outside of their home or hotel
Connect with like-minded people and interest-based communities
Enjoy their free time in a public space that offers opportunities to relax and enjoy culture
This opens an opportunity for a new category of real estate, positioned between government-funded public spaces (libraries, parks...) on one side, and strictly commercial real estate (malls, offices...) on the other.
Filling in this immediate gap aligns with the long-term benefits of the city, making it a more attractive place for life, work, business and tourism.
In addition
The space can be utilized during the night - Providing a free “hostel”-like experience for contributors in exchange for contributing time to Hub’s operations.
Over time, the Hub might generate UBI for all contributions of the ecosystem.

Solution: Hub - A modern third place


Work & build spaces: Desks, studios, and meeting rooms to collaboration and productivity.
Social routing: Matching individuals with similar interests for workshops, activities, and co-working sessions.
Healthy food & beverage: Cafes and stalls with fresh, local options.
Curation & events: Host workshops, talks, and social gatherings based on community needs and interests.


Architecturally stunning: Each Hub, designed by regional architects with community input, will be a unique architectural statement that reflects its environment.
Light & nature: Open floor plans, natural light, and outdoor spaces to promote well-being and creativity.
Safe & vibrant: A welcoming atmosphere with a focus on inclusivity and community interaction.

Structure & financing

PPP/PPCP model: Collaboration between government, private sector and the community stakeholders.
Community integration: Exploring innovative stakeholder involvement with web3 community ownership, member access, voting, or financing.

Definition of success

When "Hub" joins "Cafe," "Restaurant," and "Library" on Google Maps, we'll know we've created a space that redefines modern community.
The Hub is not just a building – it's a movement to revitalize cities and reconnect people through shared interests, culture, and a sense of belonging.


Connect with stakeholders (real estate actors, city officials and advocates, grassroots third space movements) - to validate problem and vision hypothesis
Clarify possibilities of the PPCP model (financing, legal, governance...) with experts in the field
Validate demand
Research and discuss with experts
Start a “Social Routing Hub”, serving as a physical point where people can explore likeminded interest communities and maker groups in San Francisco


Future of downtown real estate

Third spaces

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 11.44.13.png

Eudamonia machine


Example trend of “community malls”, “hubs”, and “cultural department stores”





“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.” – Borges

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